Game A Week: Week 1 

Theme: 10 Seconds

How To Play:

  • Try to collect all 10 pearls
  • While diving you can only move 3 spaces at a time
  • While on the surface you can only move two spaces at a time
  • Moving from the surface to diving will always move you one space.


WASD or Arrow Keys to Move


  • It is extremely possible to soft lock the game (reload browser :(
  • Kelp floats around slows you down whenever you pass through it
  • Certain Pearls must be collected before others

Art/programming/etc. by me

Post Mortem:

I don't think I really pinned down what I wanted this game to be until the very end.

I like the concept of the kelp/sea grass but I couldn't think of very many novel ways to use it. The intended solution of the (probably 2nd) pearl uses the sea grass, but there are certainly other ways to access it.  I like the idea of one large map with multiple mini puzzles, but it can  trivialize the puzzles because they rely on being in (or out of) a certain phase., and the size of the map makes it difficult for me to guarantee the players phase at any given point.

I like how the graphics came out, I like how it feels to explore. I included an infinite air mode so that people can enjoy it that way if they choose.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
TagsExploration, gameaweek2022, Pixel Art, underwater


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love it! you just dive and try to find a way to reach them under realistic time pressure! Hold your breath for a trully immersive experience!