• Buy Prescription Pill bottles, and then clean off the label to increase their resale value!
  • Hire employees to work in your shipping and receiving department!
  • Research new methods of label cleaning! Click and Drag the methods onto the cleaning machine to customize you Pill Bottle cleaning style!
  • Search for the FOUR forbidden Prescription Pill Bottle Cleaning Techniques! They will dramatically increase the price of a bottle!

Created for the Random Wiki How Jame  - my theme was: "How to remove a paper label from a plastic prescription bottle"




-Moved "X" to other side of window so it is always clickable.

POST JAM UPDATE 7/26/2020:

-Fixed bugs

-Tweaked pricing and upgrades

-Buy/Sell numbers now appear for all purchases


All art and programming done by me.  Fonts from Chevy Rays Pixel Font Pack.

Created using Godot Engine.



A clicker/tycoon game.

Click "Buy" and wait for your workers to move the bottle to  the machine.

The Machine will clean the bottle based on the pink crates placed on top of the buttons.

The workers will move the cleaned bottle to the right side of the screen where it can be sold.

Hire more workers, and purchase auto-buyers/sellers to speed up this process.

The machine can only clean one bottle per second, but upgrades can be purchased.

There are four specific combinations of techniques that you must discover to complete the game. Bottles cleaned using these methods will sell for much more. Hints for discovering these combinations can be found on the wiki how page, and in on of the screenshots.


It is very possible to soft lock the game by running out of money early. If you find yourself in a position where there are no bottles on screen, and you cant afford to buy another, you will have to reload the page. There is currently no in game restart button. If you have an Autobuyer it will give you a free bottle if you cannot afford to buy one.

The language for auto-buyers/sellers is quite vague, it is referring to the fact that

1 bottle will be bought or sold every X seconds/

I have no idea how long this game takes - I did not have time to fine tune the progression or really play test thoroughly.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
TagsClicker, Idle


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Make a local save tool

What are the best tools combos

PLZ fix

THe x button doesn't work


Hello, thanks for playing! Which x button isn't working? I should be able to fix it this weekend.


Oh is this the issue - the itch text is covering the screen and preventing you from clicking the x? If this is the case, playing in full screen should work for now, and I will upload a fix shortly.

No it isn't


It should be working now. I moved the "X" to the other side of the window.



I know I am playing this game late but the exit button does not work.

(2 edits)

Increasing the processing rate apparently makes it go down?  It also doesn't have the cost displayed. Otherwise, fun!

Edit: After a bit of AFK, it seems that the game doesn't actually complete, nor that any of the upgrades increase the value beyond $10.


Hi thanks for playing!

A couple things ended up being very unclear, and there were some (major) bugs. After the rating period ends I plan on releasing an updated version with some fixes. 

To address a couple of your points -

Processing Speed:

To start the machine cleans 1 bottle per second, providing there is a bottle to clean. Upgrading the processing/cleaning speed reduces the time between cleanings.

I forgot display the current cost to upgrade the machine, but it starts at $10 and should increase by 10% every upgrade.

Raising Value above $10:

Wow your right, huge mistake on the way the upgrades are calculated, so the value cannot go above $10. Sorry about that.

Its still possible to earn $25 per bottle using the "perfect methods" but all other combinations are broken. :(

That processing speed makes sense, I figured it was something like that and it didn't have much of an effect on my gameplay. I might have to check back in a few days to try it out with working upgrade pricing though, should be quite good in that state!

Thanks for replying!

Cool game!