Dispatch a last mile delivery company! See how much money you can make in a working week!

Submission for Eggplant Community Game Jam #2 - "Good Times with Bad Robots"

Full screen highly recommended. 


WASD to move camera

Mouse Wheel to zoom camera.


Game Flow:

  • The game consists of 5 days, each day covers standard working hours (9:00 - 17:00)
  • Spend money between days to upgrade or hire couriers.

Pause Button (top left)

  • Pause or un-pause the game at any time.
  • The day starts paused
  • Jobs can still be dispatched while the game is paused.

Job Board (right side)

  • New jobs will periodically appear in the "New Tab"
  • Use the Assign drop-list to assign it to a courier, or back to the new board
  • Jobs in the courier board will be split into parts, a "PICK" (up), and a "DROP
  • The arrow button on each job can be used to move the job up, down, or to the top, or bottom
  • Jobs assigned to a Courier will be performed in the sequence that they appear in the list (top is first)
  • Hover over any job to see where it appears in the world.

Courier Panel (bottom left)

  • Use the drop list to select different couriers
  • This panel displays current and total carrying capacity for each courier, as well as their status, and stats.
  • Use the "LOCATE" button to ping your couriers location - the highlighted region will get more specific over time.


  • There is no penalty for Incomplete jobs. Late jobs pay out the least.
  • It is often worth burning a job to be more productive elsewhere
  • Take your time! Its not always worth going out of your way for an "ALL DAY" job, wait until you can form a good route.


  • Speed -movement speed in the world
  • Capacity - total carrying capacity, exceeding your weight limit will dramatically reduce speed
  • Comms - accuracy of location reporting
  • Wisdom - general city and building navigation. Higher wisdom means less time spent in buildings, and lower chance of getting lost.

Job Payouts:

  • All Day - $15
  • Standard - $30
  • Express - $60
  • Priority Rush - $120
  • Weight - $2/lbs
  • Late - $5
  • Incomplete $0

The canonical gameplay is to not know the exact location of couriers, but you can press "P" at any time to see them if you would like.

source here: https://bitbucket.org/gkendra/goodtimesbadrobots/src/main/


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